I like to hurt myself thinking about 3rd year kitagawa daiichi oikawa

on a side not, sorry i’ve been away lately! I was in spain and I’m now getting ready to travel to scotland…

edit: added quick kenma doodle because he apparently does that a lot, baby

August 18th 179

my sunshine boy

edit: yes he’s wearing kageyama’s shirt

August 13th 1169
Q: I LOVE YOUR ART like a lot wow it's so colorful and it's simple and really good i love it omg ok bye -kageyamx

thank you i’m really happy!!!

August 12th 13

kitagawa daiichi kageyama and, whatever his school was called hinata (yukigaoka??? thanks senpai??)
lil tobio is precious.

August 11th 826

very important comic based on a very important post

edit: cleaned it a bit yeha

August 10th 4965

ah yes, started reading daiya, fell for miyuki hard.

August 9th 66

today’s twitter doodles. bokuto with his hair down (pls) and more boyfriends being… boyfriends…

ps: i don’t know why i draw hinata’s hair so short, please pretend it’s normal

August 8th 414