1. wipwip
    viria's fem!kageyama
    hi ennoshita
    i wanted to draw karasuno birdies like the ones i've seen going around lately

    HI I’m working on fanbook stuff so have some doodles and wips from twitter

  2. since someone asked about those,

    iwaoi doujins I’m willing to part with if anyone wants to buy them

    from left to right, they’re 28, 20 and 24 pages long.

    18$ each shipping included in europe (+2$ anywhere else)

    just drop me an ask or a tweet if you’re interested!

    If you wish to purchase several from me we can agree on a total price that’d be probably more interesting.

    EDIT: only the left one is available now

  3. edit: doujins solds! thank you!

  4. I got an ask on 09kkun asking about things I was most proud of so, here it is ahaha.
    My tiny nerd space, artbooks, some sports mangas doujins, haikyuu!! volumes + robodumpling ‘s prism bookmark (my love), a stack of DC comics and a kuroko figure I bought just because I saw minatu blog about it wow I am so easily influenced. 


  6. Anonymous said: You mentioned a long time ago on twitter that there was a certain file and website you used to learn hiragana? Is it okay if you link me to it, if you still remember? Thanks.

    eyyyy anon!

    it’s called hiragana42 and it’s a free PDF, I think you’ll find it easily if you google that! I wish I could help more but I’m on my phone right now (it’s the middle of the night)

    hiragana42 is so good though, in 6 hours I knew everything and hey, it stuck well! I wish the same existed for katakana lol

    PS: you should have sent a tweet!!

    nancy's lady ennoshita ya

    some haikyuu!! doodles from twitter

  8. It’s kind of old already but, might as well post the two fanbook illustrations I did. One was for the free! bl fanbook, the other was for brett's lon’qu fanbook which is sold out. 

  9. setkoi:

    I got my haikyuu charms today!!! YEAA They are so beautiful!!! Thank you 10kkun They are too precious!!!!!


  10. hinata + 8 for MYSELF BECAUSE I COULD
    kageyama + 8 for buttwade
    kenma + 19 for jalapeenos
    tsukki + shortcake with 38 for sugawarad

    some color palette requests.

    edit: added some more