EYY! T2 commission for kiwiggle WHO WILL GET THE FINALE INKING through mail!
I’m not sure when you’ll see this but, thanks again for asking me to do this and I HOPE…. you’ll like???

September 20th 25

i love yamaguchi he’s both teasing and reserved, what a perfect combination. The Son.

September 17th 331

you can play it cool tsukki but everyone knows you’re actually reading about dinosaurs

September 16th 2806
Q: Just popping in to let you know that I like your art and how your personality comes across online. I don't know you personally, obviously, but you sound like someone I'd like to be friends with. Anyhow, I just want to thank you that you are sharing your art with us, I adore your style. Keep having fun and please don't let some dumb anonymous trolls ruin your day! I will never understand why people are mean to others, they must be leading a sad life. Please cheer up and have a wonderful day! -Anonymous

I don’t usually publish asks here unless it’s very important but this is really nice of you so ON MY BLOG IT GOES.
Thank you for the encouraging words!! I’m really glad what I sometimes draw can please people! 

September 11th 12

welcome back Daichi san!!

Haikyuu!! 125 made me really happy for a lot of reasons

September 10th 566

EYYYY so today I finally came back home after hanging out for a couple’ weeks with kawamamilosc (I HAD LOTS OF FUNS you were the best host nika my only regret is not finishing ALL the harry potter movies with you).

Amongst other things celihime ‘s and nabeko ‘s trades were waiting for me!! Look at all those perfect prints and charms I am so very happy. SO VERY HAPPY. NNggNN thank you guys for doing trades with me i am Honored and Grateful AND I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.

September 7th 67